1933 Ford Vicky Speedstar

built by Alloway's Hot Rod Shop original owners Bobby & Cindy Alloway




SPECS below




SpeedStar /Alloway's Hot Rod Shop

Wheel Base





Alloway's Hot Rod Shop Custom Frame

Chassis Plumbing


Stainless Steel



Winter's Limited Slip Q-C   3.25

Rear Axles


Dutchman Motorsports

Rear Suspension


Pete & Jakes Ladder Bar

Rear Shocks


Pete & Jakes Mono-Tube

Rear Spring


POSIES buggy-Style Spring

Panhard Bar


Alloway's Hot Rod Shop

Rear Brakes


SO-CAL Speed Shop Disc

Front Suspension


Super Bell 5" Dropped Tube

Panhard Bar


Alloway's Hot Rod Shop



Super Bell

Front Brakes


SO-CAL Speed Shop Disc

Master Cylinder


Ford Racing Performance Parts Mustang

Brake Pedal


Alloway's Hot Rod Shop

Steering Box


Borgeson-Mullins Vega

Steering Column


ididit tilt

Front Wheel Make & Size


Custom Alloway  by Boyd Coddington 5"X15", 3 1/2" backspacing, 5 on 4 1/2"

Rear Wheel Make & Size


Custom Alloway  by Boyd Coddington          10"X18", 4" backspacing, 5 on 4 1/2"

Front Tire Make & Size   Michelin  145R15
Rear Tire Make & Size   Michelin  275R50/18
Gas Tank   Tanks Inc. 18 gal.


Make   GM   Performance Parts Chevrolet Big Block
Displacement   502ci
Horsepower   498.30 hp @5,500 rpm
Torque   594 lbs-ft @ 5,500 rpm
Machining / Assembly   Keasler Racing
Cooling Fan   SPAL
Alternator   Powermaster
Heads   GMPP Aluminum
Valve Covers   Mooneyes
Ignition   MSD
Headers   Sanderson Headers
Exhaust / Mufflers   2 1/2" tubing by Mike / Flowmaster
Other Engine Facts   Keasler Racing performed all major engine work, assembly and dynamometer testing


Make   GM turbo 350
Converter   B&M Performance 2400 rpm stall
Shifter   Lokar Performance Products
Driveshaft   Sonny's


Body Style / Material   SpeedStar Vicky / Fiberglass
Body Manufacture   Rat's Glass
Hood   Rat's Glass
Radiator   Steve Long (Copper)
Grille   Valley Auto Acc. One Off
Bodywork   Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Paint type / color   DuPont / Black a/k/a Alloway Red
Painted by   Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Flames   Wade Hughes
Flames Pin Striping   Joshua Shaw of Hot Rod Flames
Headlights   33 Ford commercial by Greening Auto
Taillights   33 Chevrolet
Nerf Bars   Alloway's Hot Rod Shop rear only
Chrome Work   Dan's Polishing


Dashboard /Material   SpeedStar / Fiberglass
Gauges   Custom Alloway by Classic Instruments
Air Conditioning

               Roll the Windows

Down and go Faster
Wiring   Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Steering Wheel   Lecarra Custom for Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Seats   A pair of Buckets & a Bench
Upholstery   Paul Adkins Custom Auto Interiors
Material   Black Leather
Carpet   Black Wool Loop Pile

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1933 Ford Vicky SpeedStar Austins Hot Rod Shop Orlando Florida built by Bobby Alloway Alloway's hot Rod Shop