Jeff & Sandy Teague's 1933 Ford Phaeton
(from Volume 13, Issue 146)

When walking through any car show there are always those certain cars that just grab hold of your attention, and draw you in for a closer look. Sometimes it can be as easy to explain as a pre-existing interest in a particular make and model, that you used to own a similar car in the past, or that the vehicle in front of you just seems to have that elusive “Wow” factor. The last was the case for us,

as we were drawn like moths to a flame when we stumbled across Jeff Teague’s 1933 Speedstar Phaeton, which is based out of the Orlando area.

Upon further inspection everything on Jeff’s car seems to be just right.....the stance, the paint, and that swoopy styling. The car was built by the famous Bobby Alloway of Alloway’s Hot Rod Shop in Louisville, Tennessee, and features the new

1933 Speedstar Phaeton fiberglass body produced by Rat’s Glass. The result is a new slant on the traditional ‘33 Ford hot rod, which takes on a decidedly modern flair. With black paint, long lingering flames fading from yellow to orange with a blue pinstriped outline, and a set of Boyd Coddington rims it all adds up to a visually stunning piece.

Inside the suicide doors you’ll find more quality craftsmanship, with sculptured red leather upholstery throughout. Among the tastefully done items one of the more impressive interior aspects are the custom designed gauges by Classic, which blend perfectly with the black and red theme, and also incorporate the signature Alloway winged “A” logo.

Under the hood you’ll find a big block 502 Chevy that again features the Alloway “A” on the valve covers. When Jeff fired the car up

it was evident from both the great sound, as well as the sweet smell of the quality fuel this high compression engine runs on, that it surely must pack a powerful punch when the throttle is mashed down. Behind the tastefully accessorized engine resides a 350 Turbo automatic, with a Winters quick change rear end rounding out the drive train. Since the quick change is so easily visible with this body style it not only has function, but also adds lots of classic hot rod styling and flash when viewing the car from rear angles.

Since having the car completed Jeff has taken it to many shows over the summer, both in Florida and around the country. At the Goodguys show at Indy it won the Boyd Coddington Pro Pick, and at the L.A. Roadster Show over Father’s Day weekend it was selected to be displayed at the Maguires booth. While at the Goodguys show in Nashville it took the DuPont award, and at Goodguys in Columbus it took another Boyd Coddington Pro Prick. In Louisville, Kentucky at the NSRA Nationals it garnered yet another Pro Pick, and at Shades Of The Past in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee it was a Top 25 pick.

Obviously it has made quite an impression as Jeff has traveled around the country this summer. Many other people have enjoyed the car’s “Wow” factor as well, and we were happy to come across it here in the sunshine state. CN


1933 Ford Phaeton Speedstar


This is the first Phaeton Speedstar, built by it's designer Bobby Alloway.

Bobby delivered the car for it's debut in June 2006 at the Indy Good Guy's Show

where the car won it's first Boyd's pick, from there Jeff and his long time

friend Glenn Nakada traveled out to the L A Roadster show and then back to

the first Good Guy's show held in Nashville.

The car has been shown six times and has come away with five top picks.

Including being one of the Top 25 cars at the 2006 Shades of the Past Rod Run

and chosen to be on the 2007 25th Anniversary Shades logo apparel.

This car as all cars that come out of Alloway's Hot Rod Shop is one Screaming Ride.

Truly a Knock your Socks off Pin you to the Back of the Seat Hot Rod!

Many Thanks to Bobby for building the first SpeedStar Phaeton for us.


See pictures and specs below

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SpeedStar /Alloway's Hot Rod Shop

Wheel Base





Alloway's Hot Rod Shop Custom Frame

Chassis Plumbing


Stainless Steel



Winter's Limited Slip Q-C   3.25

Rear Axles


Dutchman Motorsports

Rear Suspension


Pete & Jakes Ladder Bar

Rear Shocks


Aldan coilover

Panhard Bar


Alloway's Hot Rod Shop

Rear Brakes


Wilwood Disc

Front Suspension


Heidt's Hot Rod Shop IFS



Heidt's Hot Rod Shop

Panhard Bar


Alloway's Hot Rod Shop

Front Brakes


Wilwood Disc

Master Cylinder


Ford Racing Performance Parts Mustang

Brake Pedal


Alloway's Hot Rod Shop



Sweet rack-and-pinion

Steering Column


ididit tilt

Front Wheel Make


Boyd Coddington Junk Yard Dog

Rear Wheel Make


Boyd Coddington Junk Yard Dog     

Front Tire Make   B F Goodrich
Rear Tire Make   B F Goodrich
Gas Tank   Tanks Inc. 18 gal.


Make   GM   Performance Parts Chevrolet Big Block
Displacement   502ci
Horsepower   498.30 hp @5,500 rpm
Torque   594 lbs-ft @ 5,500 rpm
Machining / Assembly   Keasler Racing
Cooling Fan   SPAL
Alternator   Powermaster
Heads   GMPP Aluminum
Valve Covers   Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Ignition   MSD
Headers   Sanderson Headers
Exhaust / Mufflers   2 1/2" tubing by Mike / Flowmaster
Other Engine Facts   Keasler Racing performed all major engine work, assembly and dynamometer testing


Make   GM turbo 350
Converter   B&M Performance 2400 rpm stall
Shifter   Lokar Performance Products
Driveshaft   Sonny's


Body Style / Material   SpeedStar Phaeton / Fiberglass
Body Manufacture   Rat's Glass
Hood   Rat's Glass
Radiator   Steve Long (Copper)
Grille   Rats Glass
Grille Insert   Jim Rench
Bodywork   Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Paint type / color   DuPont - Black a/k/a Alloway Red
Painted by   Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Flames   Wade Hughes
Flames Pin Striping   Joshua Shaw of Hot Rod Flames
Headlights   King Bees - Alloways Hot Rod Shop
Taillights   Lambert Enterprises
Chrome Work   Dan's Polishing


Dashboard /Material   SpeedStar / Fiberglass
Gauges   Custom Alloway by Classic Instruments
Wiring   Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Steering Wheel   Lecarra Custom for Alloway's Hot Rod Shop
Seats   A pair of Buckets
Upholstery   Steve Holcomb Pro Auto Interiors
Material   Lip Stick Red Leather
Carpet   Red Wool Cut Pile

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1933 Ford Phaeton Speedstar built by Bobby Alloway of Alloway's Hot Rod Shop Winner of several Boyd Picks and Top 25 Shades of the Past Rod Run